Common Gemstones I use & Their Meanings

Abalone Shell ~ Protection, Emotional Balance, Soothing Energy, Purifies

Agate ~ Inner Stability, Protection, Self Confidence, Assists in juggling multiple commitments

Amazonite ~ Balances Mood Swings, Calms & Relaxed, Boosts Confidence & Communication, Regulates Metabolism

Amethyst ~ Trust, Intuition, Spirituality, Clears negative thoughts, Abundance, Emanates Prosperity

Aquamarine ~ Fluidity,Go with the Flow, Soothing, Awakens a Sluggish Soul, Peace & Tranquility

Aventurine ~ Good Luck, Manifestation, Optimism, Gratitude, Prosperity

Blue Sodalite ~ Emotional Balance, Calms Panic Attacks, Boost Immunity, Enhances Self Esteem, Trust, Communication, Awakens the 6th Sense

Carnelian ~ Boosts Confidence, Creativity, Passion, Courage

Chrysocolla ~ Starting Over, Motivation, Inspires New Beginnings

Citrine ~ Happiness, Joy, Light, Wealth & Abundance, Imagination, Clarity

Clear Quartz ~ Clarity, Manifestation, Focus, Opens the Mind

Hematite ~ Grounding, Focus, Centering, Calming, Absorbs Toxic Emotions, Aligns 7 Chakras

Jade ~ Success, Wisdom, Wealth, Abundance, Good Luck

Jasper ~ Grounding, Nurturer, Centering, Empowers the Spirit, Anchors the Soul

Labradorite ~ Enhances intuition, Calms the Overactive Mind, Relieves Stress and Anxiety, Protects Against Negativity, Stimulates Imagination, Curiosity, Channels Powers of Clairvoyance

Lapis Lazuli ~ Truth, Awareness, Wisdom, Spiritual Awareness

Magnesite ~ Creative Visualization, Visions of Clarity, Personal Happiness, Stimulates Heavenly Joy & Passion

Moonstone ~ Divinity, Balance, Tenderness, Creates Stability, Creativity

Onyx ~ Protection, Release, Calm, Warrior Stone, Intuitive Guidance, Frees your Soul from Anxiety

Rose Quartz ~ Stone of Unconditional Love, Attracts and Keeps Love, Nurtures the Self, Calms & Heals One’s Heart, Washes Out toxic Emotions, Restores Trust

Pyrite or “Fool’s Gold” ~ Wealth, Success, Protection, Good Luck, Focus, Boosts Energy

Rhodochrosite ~ Worthiness, Love, Compassion, Releases Energy Blockages